DOMESTIC STRATA // Mindless Seed Stitch Knit Scarf

Week 25– Skeins N⁰. 23 and N⁰. 24 Mindless Scarf

Madeleine Roberg wearing her Mindless Knitting Scarf

This week I decided to go with some mindless knitting.  Due to using such tiny yarn for the last few weeks of sock knitting, I figured I would give myself a break and use some bulky yarn I had in my stash.  I had two 120 yard skeins of this Icelandic x BFL Lopi. I took a picture of one of the skeins at the beginning of this project because I thought I was going to make a hat, but the yarn didn’t want to be the hat I had in my head. The hat has been sitting in front of my TV for months now, so figured that it was time to frog it and move on to something different.

Skein of Icelandic Lopi yarn

I simply cast on 30 stitches and knit a seed stitch until I ran out of both skeins of yarn.  A seed stitch is simply a K1, P1 stitch and the best part is that it is super mindless but gives amazing texture to your knits.

Madeleine Roberg of 52 Skeins wrapped up in a fresh hand knit seed stitch scarfI have been researching photography in the last few weeks, in an effort to improve my photographs here on the blog and so I have been sitting on the couch messing with camera settings, needless to say I have taken a lot of all white or all black photos.  I felt like this photo caught some of the texture and it made me question rather or not I have done any eyebrow maintenance since we moved to Helena….photographing myself for this project has been interesting.  Looking at yourself in photographs that you have taken yourself is rather odd.  Madeleine Roberg wearing hand knit seed stitch scarf

I am trying to get off of Auto mode since that is the number one tip that every “How to Take Better Pictures” article starts with.  YouTube is pretty amazing for learning anything, so during this scarf project I watched a ton of videos about photography. I am hoping that over time some of that knowledge will sink into my skill sets. It always seems so easy when you are listening to an expert doing something.

Have an amazing week!


Madeleine Roberg




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