DOMESTIC STRATA // Hand Knit Socks Made From FRee Blueberry Waffle Sock Pattern

Week 24 – Skein N⁰. 22 Blueberry Waffle Socks

Close up of hand knit socks heel

I made another pair of socks!  This week I went with another free sock pattern I found on Ravelry called the Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner.  I got this gorgeous skein of Natur 100% superwash wool yarn at a knitting shop in Nuremberg, Germany.

Skein of Natur Superwash WoolIt is crazy how easy making socks can be and once you have done it once you can easily adjust the pattern. I know that I like how the foot fits on the Hermione’s Everyday sock and I didn’t like how the foot fit on the Business Casual socks, so when I saw that the heel and gusset were written similar to the Business Casual socks, I just used the instructions from the Hermione’s Everyday sock and it worked out great.

Madeleine Roberg wearing hand knit wool Blueberry Waffle Socks

I thought I was ready to graft the toes together with a Kitchener stitch without rewatching the how-to video, but after I was done I realized I had somehow messed it up….and I tried to undo it but it was impossible so it will remain as a reminder. For the second sock, I watched the video and it turned out correct.  I checked out some sock books from the library and want to experiment with some toe-up socks on double needles next time I make socks, but I am going to move on to some other projects for a while.

Have a lovely week,

Madeleine Roberg

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