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Week 23 – Skein N⁰. 21 Business Casual Socks + Germany

Looking at the Danube River

Hello….I am back!  Jason and I went to Germany for Christmas and we had a grand time.

Knitting Business Casual Socks on airplane

I thought I would get lots of knitting done but it turns out that I barely knit at all. I started the free Business Casual Sock pattern by Tanis Fiber Arts. I am using the same yarn as I used for my Everyday Socks, but in a different colorway.

Sheep grazing in a field in Amberg Germany

The weather was so warm in comparison to Helena, so we got in quite a few good hikes. I spotted some sheep on our first day as we hiked up to the Sanctuary of Maria Hilf.

Archway in Amberg Germany

We stayed in the beautiful town of Amberg, Germany which is part of Bavaria and has been around since 1034.  I am always blown away at how different the time scale, especially in terms of architecture, is in Europe compared with North America. The anthropologist/historian in me could go and on about this topic, but we will leave it here.

Jason Garber at Nuremberg Castle

Castle gate meeting with the crew. Jason looks like he is a tour guide.

Madeleine Roberg of Domestic Strata wearing Business Casual Hand Knit Wool Socks

I did finally finish my Business Casual Socks and while I do like how they turned out, making them was so slow.  There isn’t any rest row and somehow I would get my count off and instead of going back to fix where things went awry, I just fudged it each time….for whatever reason I didn’t connect with this project. Though the picture looks like one is much shorter, that is just the way I was holding my feet. I also didn’t do an amazing job on the gusset, but they do look great.

Turns out that at some point in the project I got off on the week count, so I thought I was on week 21 but it turns out this is week 23 already, so I need to catch up on the skein count. I made a weekly count sheet so I should stay on track from here on out.  I think there will be one more pair of socks before I take on another sweater, just not sure if it will be for me or Jason yet…

Have a lovely week,

Madeleine Roberg

Wild Boars in GermanyP.S.I felt like I ate an entire pig in Germany and I became a little obsessed with these wild boars. 






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