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Week 17 – Skein N⁰. 19 Masonry Mitts

m,Masonry Mitts sitting in the snow.

After finishing a large project like My Worket, I always find myself a bit drained. This week I cast on a bunch of different test swatches of a bulky yarn I have but I just kept ripping them out, nothing felt right.  On Friday night around 7:30 p.m. it dawned on me that I had left my fingerless mittens at work and that I was going to need them on Saturday.  Since I can’t get into work on the weekend, I decided to knit some up before our Soda Kiln loading started at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Masonry Mitts work in progress knitting for 52 Skeins.Since I rarely take the easy route even with a tight time frame, which would of been to simply cast on and do a garter stitch fingerless glove, I headed over to Ravelry and spent time searching for a pattern that looked quick but had a bit of interest.   I decided on the Masonry Mitts by Vera Brosgol. Instead of US size 5 needles, I used US size 8 needles and I doubled my yarn because I wanted them to be extremely warm. The pattern was easy to follow and I had made one (minus the thumb) and a half before I went  to bed on Friday and woke up on Saturday and finished them up while Jason got in his morning run.

Fully loaded salt kiln at Archie Bray.

Loading a Soda Kiln is an all day outdoor activity that requires your fingers because you have to glue wadding balls to the bottom of each item before it is put into the kiln so that it won’t stick to the kiln shelf during the firing. You can kinda see the in the picture.  In addition to the air being cold, bisqueware (the stage the pieces are in) gets cold quick and is crazy cold when you pick them up after they have been sitting outside for hours. On Saturday the group loaded two kilns in about 6 hours and I would of died without these gloves. The day was actually beautiful but the kiln shed is always cold even with a heater and a huge pizza oven fire going.

Soda Kiln firing at Archie Bray

The kilns were burning great when we stopped by this morning and they will be unloaded on Tuesday. I have a couple of pieces in there that I am anxious to see! The cup in the photo came out of the last soda kiln and was made by my husband Jason. I failed to get a photo yesterday while we were working. I still need to block them and they got a bit grubby already, but that is okay because they are going to be super functional.

Masonry Mitts sitting in snow.

After two years of not quilting, I actually worked on and finished this sweet little sashiko quilt this week and it felt great to be back at it.

Handstitched Sashiko Clamshell Quilt by Madeleine Roberg for Domestic Strata.




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