Skein Nº 02 Update Hedgehog Fibres + Purl Soho Fingerless Mittens

My Purl Soho Seed Stitch Hand Warmers are almost done.  I wish I had made the larger size but it is too late now (or I am just being lazy).  As soon as the first one was big enough to try on, I realized I hadn’t thought this through all the way.  I did my standard cast-on and while my hand fits into the fingerless gloves, it has to squeeze into them because the cast on doesn’t have much stretch and for a brief moment it is a full on O.J. glove situation.

Hand trying on the first finished Purl Soho Fingerless Mittens
Don’t stress, my hands are always that color. It isn’t THAT tight.

When it was time to bind off the first hand warmer, I knew I wanted to use a stretchy bind off. I have used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off in the past and was happy with the result, so I turned to it once again and it didn’t disappoint.

For the second hand warmer, I did my research and decided on using Jeny’s corresponding Stretch Slipknot Cast-On.  It is definitely worth taking the time to do a stretchy bind on. It isn’t very hard to do, so just do it.

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