DOMESTIC STRATA // Flax Light Sweater Mustard Yarn

Making Progress- Flax Light Sweater

Flax Sweater Light sweater in progress knitting.

I have been making progress on my Flax Light Sweater. The pattern has you knit the body before the sleeves, but I decided to knit a little bit of the body and a little bit of the sleeves and go from there. I get impatient and like to try on my sweater as I go and I can better ration the yarn, since I am nervous about running out of yarn.

Madeleine Roberg trying on Flax Light Sweater work in progress.

I am getting nervous that the sweater is going to look severely boring in just stockinette stitch….but we will see….

Random Tip:  So probably everybody knows about this, but I did not.

Checking out books with a self-checkout kiosk at library.

Does your library uses these self check-out machines? I have been using these machines forever and I didn’t know you don’t have to scan every single book!!!! I learned this in a very awkward encounter with a library assistant, he was like do you need help and I was like NO I got this (thinking I have been doing this for years) and he was like you can just put the whole stack in there and I was like WHAT!   So if you already know how to appropriately use these machines, congratulations. If like me you have been doing it wrong for years, try it out next time you are at the library, it is sleek.

The reason I was at the library this morning was to check out cookbooks, in search of new dinner ideas.  What is your favorite cookbook? I read somewhere that if you find one recipe that you make frequently, that it is worth significantly more then the cost of that cookbook, but I typically just check out cookbooks from the library.



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